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*Board policies are added as they are approved by the WAO School Board.

Folder 100-School District (4 Files)
html file 101-1.html Name of the School District.html
html file 101.html Legal Status of the School District.html
html file 102.html Equal Educational Opportunity.html
html file 103.html Complaints-Students, Employees, Parents, Other Persons.html
Folder 200-Board of Directors (18 Files)
html file 204.html School Board Meeting Minutes.html
html file 210.html Conflict of Interest-School Board Members.html
html file 203-6.html Consent Agendas.html
html file 208.html Development, Adoption, and Implementation of Policies.html
html file 211.html Criminal or Civil Action Against School District, School Board Member, Employee or Student.
html file 212.html School Board Member Development.html
html file 203-2.html Order of the Regular School Board Meeting.html
html file 203-1.html School Board Procedures; Rules of Order.html
html file 213.html School Board Committees.html
pdf file 203-Operation_of_School_Board.pdf
pdf file 203-5-School_Board_Agenda.pdf
pdf file 206-Public_Participation_at_School_Board_Meetings.pdf
pdf file 207-Public_Hearings.pdf
pdf file 209-Code_of_Ethics.pdf
pdf file 205-Open_and_Closed_Meetings.pdf
pdf file 214-Out_of_State_Travel_12-58-49.pdf
pdf file 201-Legal_Status_of_3521AE.pdf
pdf file 202-School_Board_Officers.pdf
Folder 300-Administration (6 Files)
html file 303.html Superintendent Selection.html
file file 304.html Superintendent Contract, Duties
html file 302.html Superintendent.html
html file 306.html Administrator Code of Ethics.html
html file 305.html Policy Implementation.html
html file 301.html School District Administration.html
Folder 400-Personnel (32 Files)
html file 401.html Equal Employment Opportunity.html
html file 402.html Disability Nondiscrimination Policy.html
html file 403.html Discipline, Suspension, and Dismissal of School District Employees.html
html file 404FRM.html
pdf file 404-Employment_Background_Checks.doc.pdf
pdf file 405.pdf Veteran's Preference.pdf
html file 406_Form.html
pdf file 406-Public_and_Private_Personnel_Data.pdf
html file 407.html Employee Right to Know-Exposure to Hazardous Substances.html
html file 408.html Subpoena of a School District Employee.html
file file 409.html Employee Publications, Instructional Materials, Inventions
html file 410.html Family and Medical Leave Policy.html
pdf file 410-Family_and_Medical_Leave.pdf
html file 412.html Expense Reimbursement.html
html file 413FORM.html
pdf file 413-Harassment_and_Violence.pdf
html file 414.html Mandated Reporting of Child Neglect or Physical or Sexual Abuse.html
html file 414FRM.html
pdf file 414-Mandated_Reporting_Child_Neglect.pdf
pdf file 415-Mandated_Reporting_Vulnerable_Adults.pdf
html file 416_Form.htm
pdf file 416-Drug__Alcohol_Testing.pdf
html file 417.html Chemical Use and Abuse.html
html file 418.html Drug-Free Workplace-Drug-Free School.html
html file 418_Form.htm
pdf file 419-Tobacco-free_Environment.pdf
file file 420.html Students
html file 421.html Gifts to Employees.html
html file 422.html Policies Incorporated by Reference.html
pdf file 423-Employee-Student_Relationships.pdf
html file 424.html License Status.html
pdf file 425-Staff_Development.pdf
Folder 500-Students (40 Files)
html file 506_FORM.html
html file 527_FORM.html
file file 502.html Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions
txt file 507-Corporal_Punishment.rtf
file file 504.html Student Dress
txt file 510-School_Activities.rtf
txt file 508-ESY_for_Students_with_IEPs.rtf
txt file 517-Student_Recruiting.rtf
txt file 511-Student_Fundraising.rtf
txt file 513-Student_Promotion_Retention__Program_Design.rtf
txt file 519-Interviews_of_Students_by_Outside_Agencies.rtf
txt file 518_DNR-DNI_Orders.rtf
txt file 523-Policies_Incorporated_by_Reference.rtf
html file 524_FORM.html
html file 522.html Student Sex Nondiscrimination.html
txt file 521-Student_Disability_Nondiscrimination.rtf
txt file 520_FORM.rtf
html file 522_FORM.html
txt file 528-Student_Parental_Family__Marital_Nondiscrimination.rtf
txt file 529_FORM.RTF
txt file 529-Staff_Notification_of_Violent_Behavior.rtf
html file 527.html Student Use and Parking of Motor Vehicles; Patrols, Inspections and Searches.html
txt file 530-Immunization_Requirements.rtf
txt file 530_FORM.RTF
html file 531.html The Pledge of Allegiance.html
html file 501.html School Weapons Policy.html
file file 505.html Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Material on School Premises by Students
txt file 516-Student_Medication.rtf
txt file 509-Enrollment_of_Nonresident_Students.rtf
txt file 512-Student_Publications__Activities.rtf
pdf file 526-Hazing.pdf
txt file 525-Violence_Prevention.rtf
pdf file 532-Use_of_Peace_Officers.pdf
html file 524.html Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy.html
pdf file 503-Student_Attendance.pdf
pdf file 514-Bullying.pdf
pdf file 506-Student_Discipline.pdf
pdf file 509-Open_Enrollment_form.pdf
txt file 515-Protection__Privacy_of_Pupil_Records.rtf
pdf file Policy_533_Wellness.pdf
Folder 600-Educational Program (15 Files)
file file 606.pdf Textbooks
pdf file 610.pdf Field Trips.pdf
pdf file 605.pdf Alternative Programs.pdf
pdf file 609.pdf Religion.pdf
pdf file 608.pdf Instructional Services—Special Education.pdf
pdf file 612-1.pdf Development of Parental Involvement Policies for Title I Programs.pdf
pdf file 607.pdf Organization of Grade Levels.pdf
file file 601.pdf School District Curriculum
file file 614.pdf School District Testing Plan
pdf file 611.pdf Home Schooling.pdf
pdf file 613.pdf Graduation Requirements.pdf
file file 602.pdf Organization of School Calendar
pdf file 604.pdf Instructional Curriculum.pdf
pdf file 615.pdf Basic Standards Testing, Accommodatioins, Modificatioins, and Exemptions for IEP, Section 50
pdf file 603.pdf Curriculum Development.pdf
Folder 700-Non-Instructional Operations (1 Files)
pdf file 714-Fund_Balances.pdf
Folder 800-Buildings and Sites (0 Files)
Folder 900-School-Community Relations (0 Files)
Folder Other District 2176 Approved Policies (8 Files)
pdf file Dist_2176_Rstr_Policy.pdf
pdf file Dist_2176_Rstr_Plan.pdf
pdf file SB_E-mail_policy.pdf
pdf file Dist_2176_Wrk_Anys_Policy.pdf
pdf file Dist_2176_3rd_Party_Pay.doc.pdf
pdf file 504_Parents_RightsWAO.pdf
pdf file Restrictive_Procedure_Report_F.pdf
pdf file Dist_2176_Child_Study.pdf